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Legacy Planning

You are your legacy. It’s what you do, how you give of yourself, and who matters most to you. Everything you do, large or small, good or bad is your legacy. Legacy Planning is a roadmap of what you do now that becomes lasting memories for those you leave behind, those you love, those you mentor, and those that believe in you.legacy-planning

Questions you might ask yourself may include:

  • What can I give to my family and future generations that is truly lasting?
  • What impact do I want my wealth to create?
  • How will my values be upheld?

Legacy planning is an essential part of your family’s wealth. Legacy planning helps create the continuity of everything that matters to you which includes: your values, ideals, integrity and wealth.

Legacy planning addresses these larger issues and includes estate planning as part of it. It creates an opportunity to communicate your values and discuss wishes you may have. Yes, legacy planning may cover all the areas of your life from retirement to goals for furthering education. There may be discussion and decisions concerning philanthropy and creating a family mission, or address important issues which might include the family business.

It simply can begin with conversation. You might want to sit down with the family and discuss the family mission. From there the discussion could take its own direction from everything from charitable giving to saving for education. It’s all up to you and your family. The important point is to begin and that is where we can help you begin the conversation.


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